Five ways to get a Fresh Start right NOW!

It’s Monday.

It’s been a rough last few months.

Some are hopeful.

Others are distraught.

But now is the time to love, to come together, to reach across with a hand of peace. Now is the time for a fresh start. Here are five ways to get you started.


1. Clean out your clutter.

A study out of Princeton University Neuroscience Institute showed that being in a cluttered environment significantly inhibited people’s ability to focus. It also limits one’s ability to process information. A cluttered desk (or bedroom, or house) leads to a cluttered mind. Sort that pile, clean off that stuff, straighten up your room and see if you don’t start feeling a little more able to handle your day.

2. Get in touch with your body.

Step one could be to review our post about breathing. We can all take simple steps to slow down, feel where we are in time and space. This can help us realize that we’re right here and right now and capable of doing the next thing. And maybe the next things is booking that massage you’ve been meaning to have.

3. Indulge in nature.

Take a walk outside. Put your bare feet on the earth. Studies have shown that interacting with nature improves cognition and can help individuals with depression. Other studies have found that being in nature can improve your memory, restore your mental energy, relieve stress, reduce inflammation, decrease the risk of developing poor vision, improve concentration and focus, think more sharply and creatively, stimulate anti-cancer proteins, boost your immune system and reduce your risk of early death. Get out there. Now is the time.

4. Unplug.

Yes, technology can really help us. But it can also serve as clutter for our minds. Tell your friends and family that you’re taking a vacation day from technology. Spend the day without phone calls, emails and texts. And spend that time doing the first three things.

5. Get some sleep.

If you’ve done all the other things, sleep will certainly come more easily. If you really want to make it glorious, check out our guide on sleep and ways to get the most out of your good night. You’re sure to feel restored in the morning.

We can’t control much around us, but by following these simple steps we can begin to bring ourselves into a state of being able to handle what comes our way.

Start fresh today!



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