Get Your Goal On!

Setting and keeping goals is difficult. We all want to make changes – some small, some big. But life can get in the way.

Well, why not make it a game?

Try SuperBetter!


The SuperBetter website and apps are your everyday coach for gameful living. They will guide you to identify your Epic Win, create your Secret Identity, recruit Allies, and choose pre-loaded experiences (PowerPacks) or create your own adventures. Each day, your coach reminds you complete your Quests, activate PowerUps, and battle Bad Guys to increase your resilience scores – mental, emotional, social & physical.

At the core of SuperBetter is a powerful community united by the belief that each of us has the ability to unleash our heroic potential, and that together we can make the world better. SuperBetter has a lively and supportive Forum, and the community connects on social media with the hashtag #SuperBetter.

For more information about SuperBetter and how gaming can help us achieve our goals, check out the founder, Jane McGonigal’s TED Talk:

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