How Does Scent Drive Human Behavior?

Olfaction, also known as sense of smell, is the most primal and mysterious of our six senses. Throughout human evolution, our sense of smell has been a key to our survival. Humans are capable of distinguishing thousands of unique odors. Smell is often the first warning of safety or danger, friend or foe. Smells have the power to drive your behavior on an instinctive and […]

Ways to increase your efficiency at work

In the workplace, productivity, innovation and efficiency are always key—we all want to build a better mouse trap (and do it before anyone else!). If you’re ready to become a master multi-tasker with laser-like focus, keep scrolling for 10 get-it-done tips that will have you enjoying your corner office in no time. Delegate like a […]

Craft a Healthy Outlook

Has life handed you broken crayons? Don’t throw them away. Taking something that could be trash and turning it into something beautiful can bring you joy, help the planet and connect you to others. The main ingredient you need for DIY is a willingness to screw up. That’s right. We can make fun of all […]

Need direction? Try these questions.

It’s the time for resolutions, thinking ahead, making changes. You know you aren’t in the best place, but you don’t know exactly where and how and who you do want to be. Sometimes, taking a minute to ask yourself some key questions can help direct your focus. Five Questions to Ask Yourself When You Aren’t […]

You’ve got lemons. Make lemonade.

How To Make Lemonade Makes 1 1/2 quarts What You Need Ingredients 1 cup sugar 5 cups water, divided 6 to 8 lemons (about 1 cup of lemon juice) Ice For garnishes: Sprigs of basil, mint, rosemary, or thyme Slices of lemon Sprigs of lavender or nasturtium flowers For variations: 1 cup lime juice 1 […]

The Revolution of Wellness

We’re travelling around the sun at a speed of 67,000 miles per hour. That’s 1,608,000 miles per day and 49,910,000 miles per month. Those nearly 50 million miles have dramatic affects on climate, weather and our health. Recent research reveals that seasons affect our immune function. We think of ourselves as inhabitants of Earth, but […]

This Is Scientific Proof That Happiness Is A Choice

By Carolyn Gregoire From Huffington Post One theory in psychology research suggests that we all have a happiness “set-point” that largely determines our overall well-being. We oscillate around this set point, becoming happier when something positive happens or the opposite, afterwards returning to equilibrium. But this set-point, to a certain extent, can be reset. Although […]

A Healthy Christmas? Yes, you can!

Top 10 Tips for a Healthier Christmas From Christmas is notoriously a time to indulge, but don’t let this be the green light to overindulge! You can still enjoy all the festivities of the season and get through the Christmas period without too much impact on your health and waistline. Try our top 10 tips […]

Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes…Are Good for You!

5 Reasons Change Is Good for You by Amber Rose Monaco, Founder of Climb Out of The Cubicle, originally published on Huffington Post We all know that change is hard. Change is hard because your brain is wired to do the same thing over and over, regardless if that activity is good or bad for […]

Hearing and Mental Health

How Hearing Loss in Older Adults Affects Mental Health by Claudia Dewane, DEd, LCSW, originally published in Social Work Today, Vol. 10, No. 4 P. 18 If there were no need to communicate every day, older adults with hearing loss would have no problem. Helen Keller is credited with noting that blindness cuts us off […]