Welcome to the new Pro Health Care Services!

Happy New Year! We are excited to unveil our new website and new approach as we head into this new year!

This past year has been one of heartache and healing. As we grieved the death of our team member, family member and dear friend, Eddy Lott, we took to heart the many ways he influenced this company and kept us all focused on the WHY behind what we do – using empathy as our driving force to affect each other in the most positive way. While our focus has always been on client care, we took some time this year to step back and see how we can improve our internal processes and policies to better reflect our company values.

Our first change was to begin referring to everyone who works for PHCS as Team Members in order to shift toward a more interconnected mentality. We are all part of one team working with one goal – great client care. Because our business stretches far and wide, it is important to us that we all remember that our work matters and affects the work of others. We are all in this together!

Our new website was built with the intention of making sure that individuals can educate themselves about home health, whether they come to us for services, employment or are just looking for guidance. And we want potential team members to know they are valued and understand how much we do on their behalf. Soon we’ll be launching the Advocacy page of our site to empower both our clients and our team members with information, resources and the power to affect change.

We hope that you are able to use the tools we have here, our new team member portal, hiring process information, frequently asked questions and service information. And more than anything, we hope that you have a healthy and happy new year in 2016!

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